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    30 November 2015
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    4 December 2015
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    6 January 2016


Thursday 14 January


(Invited) The acoustic bubble
Timothy Leighton, University of Southampton


Ultrasonic real-time monitoring of concentration of dissolved oxygen in super-saturated aqueous solutions
Yuelong Li, University College Dublin, Ireland


Modelling the effect of sonication on the thermodynamics and kinetics of phase transformation in liquids
Reza Haqshenas, University College London, UK


Modelling of acoustic vaporisation of an encapsulated droplet
Thomas Lacour, Institut D'Alembert - UPMC, France


Single-beam acoustical tweezers
Diego Baresch, Institut Langevin - ESPCI, France


Modelling the acoustic field of bounded two-dimensional array-based particle manipulation devices
Agesinaldo Silva, University of Bristol, UK




Micro-ultrasound tissue characterisation of ex vivo porcine samples for ultrasonic capsule endoscopy
Sandy Cochrane, University of Glasgow, UK


Wave3D: A parallelised three-dimensional nonlinear acoustic wave propagation solver
David Sinden, National Physical Laboratory, UK


Potential for decomposition of the human gut using resonant ultrasound spectroscopy
Maria Dolores Farinas, Spanish National Research Council, Spain


Mathematical modelling of drug delivery into pancreatic ductal adenocarcinomas
Hasnaa Shaddad, University College London, UK


Shear wave reconversion in nano-fluids
Michael Forrestor, Loughborough University, UK


Ultrasonic particle sizing in solid-in-liquid suspensions with unknown physical properties
Raied Al-Lashi, University of Leeds, UK




(Invited) Applications of photothermal and photoacoustic methods using different spatiotemporal excitation patterns
Christ Glorieux, KU Leuven, Belgium

14:15 Getting a grip on hexagons - surface acoustic wave interactions with hcp Ti
Steve Sharples, University of Nottingham, UK

14:27 Backward propagating acoustic waves in single gold nanobeams
Cyril Jean, UPMC Sorbonne Universités, France

14:39 Texture determination from ultrasonic wave speeds for HCP and cubic materials
Bo Lan, Imperial College London, UK

14:51 Soft porous silicone rubbers as key elements for metaslabs
Abdoulaye Ba, Univ. Bordeaux - CNRS - Bordeaux INP, France

15:03 Annular hole phononic crystals for surface acoustic waves
Benjamin Ash, University of Exeter, UK

15:15 Experimental characterisation of a metasurface carpet cloak for acoustics
Cédric Faure, LAUM, Université du Maine, France

15:27 Refreshments 

15:45 The role of density within guided wave tomography
Peter Huthwaite, Imperial College London, UK

15:57 Development of new methods for characterising defects based on TFM multi-mode imaging
Kombossé Sy, M2M, France

16:09 A comparison between the Total Focusing Method, the Half-Skip Total Focusing Method and the Factorisation Method for imaging small surface-breaking cracks
Chao Zhang, Imperial College London, UK

16:21 High resolution imaging of in-depth rough interfaces
Emmanuel Le Clézio, Université de Montpellier, France


Comparison of dispersive guided wave modes for extracting line thickness profiles of finite width defects
Richard Howard, Imperial College London, UK

16:45 Excitation of single mode lamb waves at high frequency thickness products
Pouyan Khalili, Imperial College London, UK

16:57  A model to predict modal radiation by finite-sized sources in semi-infinite isotropic plates
Mathilde Stévenin, CEA LIST, France

17:09 Non-destructive control of direct bonding
Ali Dekious, Université de Montpellier, France

17:21 A numerical database for ultrasonic defect characterisation: Robustness and accuracy
Robert Malkin, University of Bristol, UK

17:33 Close of day 2

19:00 Conference Dinner